Book and educational materials available in United States

The book HONEY FROM THE EARTH will be release in October 2018 in America by Deep Snow Press.

The internationally acclained honeybee photographer Eric Tourneret spend fifteen years travelling the world to capture the breathtaking diversity of bees and beekeeping traditions on sixt continents. Epics scenes of scaling cliffs to reach honeycombs of the giants honey in Nepal...and the truckloads of hives of industrial beekeepers in America.
Artisanal straw-basket hives in Romania... and the unique honeypot ants of the Australian desert. Honey traditions in the heart of African jungle...and moving bees by boat in Argentina. Our familiar honeybees and the most exotic stingless bees of the tropics.
This is the most stunning collection of bees photography ever produced, complete with insightful commentary from a dozen of leading bee experts, including Dr. Tom Seeley, Dr Jurgen Tautz, and Kirt Webster.
Shot in 23 countries, HONEY FROM THE EARTH is an enchanted journey to discover the sweetness and beauty of our planet, and a powerful plea to protect and restore MOTHER EARTH.

A educational hive, of a american standard type model, which is composed of 20 images printed on adhesive stuck on PVC to be installed inside the frames.
Each picture is captioned and the 20 images recount in a few words the life of the hive and the bees. 


A serie of 5 posters with the themes:

- The Castes, queen, workers and drones

- The colony, the nectar, pollen, propolis and royal jelly
- The queen, the mother, the hive's fecundity
- Beekeeping, the hives, the environment
- Pollination, what bees give to humans