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Che Rawiri (English name Stirling), 32 years old, 4 children, his wife is expecting a 5th. Born in Raukokore, he left school at the age of 17 to become a rugby player, and studied for a year at the Maori university in Whakatané. Then, he worked for a while as a seasonal worker, followed by five years on a kiwi farm where he lost morale: trimming, treating, harvesting, trimming, treating, harvesting… until someone offered him work as a beekeeper, in the land of his family. Novelty, challenge, the joy of passing on to his children that liberty of hunting, fishing, in Nature. His house is 25 meters from the sea, his grandfather’s house within shouting distance, an aunt not far away… Everyone is related. Che is a revenant from the exodus who today can pass on to his children the privilege of living on their ancestors’ lands with dignity.