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In Montreuil, Alain Llobregat, 41 years old, photographer and decorator, beekeeper for 3 years now, and his master in apiculture, his neighbor Jacques Linon, 69 years old. Their gardens are next to each other; a small fence crossed by a ladder separates them. Chance often comes into play in the introduction to beekeeping. Here, it's a case of passing on the knowledge, which started with a hive recuperated by Jacques and which Alain agreed to set up on the roof of his workshop. Since then, they work together on the big jobs, the harvests, the treatments. Jacques has two and a half hives; it's beautiful to see. The previous year, he produced 30 kilos per hive. "It's a passion, because I don't sell the honey, I give it away," says Alain. "It's a very fragrant, fruity honey, a true delight. When we are with the bees, we have to free our minds, we can't be thinking of other things." .